How To Intentionally Build Your Ultimate Lifestyle From Scratch: From Humble Beginnings To 9-Figures And Total Freedom with Mark Evans DM – EP. 026

Want To Create A Life That’s Abundant In Both Time And Money?

In this episode, I’m joined by Mark Evans, commonly known as Mark Evans DM or simply The DM, which stands for Deal Maker. After nearly dropping out of high school, he went on to start his first real estate company at 19. Since then, after nearly sending one of his businesses into bankruptcy, he started or acquired multiple cashing-flowing businesses over the years. 

But he’s not the typical hustle 24/7 no time to relax big-time entrepreneur. He has very carefully designed his lifestyle to include lots of freedom and free time while running two 8-figure businesses from all over the world. He has been referred to as the Godfather of virtual real estate.

He is also a 10-time best-selling author and enjoys giving back, donating all of the money earned on the sale of his books to charitable foundations. He also regularly gives away fully refinished and furnished houses to homeless veterans.

Tune in for one of the most value-heavy episodes yet, with constant mind-shifting lessons and takeaways that you can instantly apply to your life.

This episode is also guaranteed to greatly shift your perspective on what’s possible, what’s important, and what you can do to live a life most people only ever dream of.


In This Episode


You Will Learn:

  • Where the DM came from that has become a 2nd last name for Mark
  • Why most of what we think we know about other cultures is completely off 
  • How his perspective completely shifted while spending 7 years traveling the world
  • The exact moment that he decided to go from 24/7 hustle to a more free lifestyle
  • How watching his parents struggle with money paved the way for his massive success
  • The simple secret to skyrocket your sales and negotiating success instantly
  • Why focusing on yourself first really isn’t
  • How to make monster goals seem easily achievable
  • How fighting growing up prepared him for success in business

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