Destroying Dad-Bod Culture And “Conspiracy” Theories Vs. Critical Thinking with Matt Roda – EPS. 030, 031

Is Mediocrity Ruining America?

In this episode, I’m joined by Matthew Roda. Matt is the founder and co-owner of RODA marketing and – both digital marketing companies. He is also an author, fitness enthusiast, ultra runner, freedom-loving patriot, and dedicated family man. 

Matt’s life centers around his wife, Helen, and his two precious daughters – Caroline (3), and Amelia(1 and 1/2). When he isn’t spending time with his family, or working on his businesses, you can find him in his home gym training for upcoming ultra events, which include 50-mile races. 

In part 1, we deep-dive into Matt’s improbable backstory and the “dad-bod” culture along with its negative effects on society. On a related note, we explain how the celebration of mediocrity leads to bigger societal problems and a change in the definition of health. And how understanding marketing and psychology makes it easy to see how many people could be manipulated by carefully crafted headlines.

In part 2, we go further into many of the concepts we touched on in part 1, while also diving head-first into several of today’s “hot-button” issues.


In This Episode(s)


What You’ll Learn In Part 1:

  • How Matt went from over 15 years of consistent drug use to sober literally overnight
  • How “dad-bod culture” is ruining lives and how to combat it
  • Why those in power(government, media, big pharma) want you to be unhealthy
  • How understanding marketing makes you a better consumer
  • The exact formula all pharma commercials follow
  • How Matt plans on being ripped in his fifties
  • How being physically fit makes you a better father, person, and entrepreneur

What You’ll Learn In Part 2:

  • The different levels of critical thinking and conspiracy theories  
  • How the divide in our country right now is not really between the left and right
  • How being close to a situation (like the crisis in Afghanistan) totally changes your perspective
  • The key difference between an argument and a discussion  
  • How to actually find common ground on hot-button issues
  • Where we think the world is headed despite all of the negative news these days

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