The Surprisingly Simple Way To Becoming One Of The Few Who “Make It” with Chris Warnes – 053

How Do You “Make It” In Life Despite Your Background?

In this episode, I’m joined by Chris Warnes. Chris is a 2 tour combat veteran and purple heart recipient who has helped changed tens of thousands of lives, built 6 multi-millionaire companies, and recently published the book “Dominate Your Day: A High Performers Guide To Winning At Life

But to many, he is simply known as CW, an 8 figure entrepreneur and highly successful figure in the fitness industry. Over the past 13 years, Chris has built 6 successful businesses ranging from CW FIT  in the fitness industry to Real estate, high-end timepieces, and watch trading. 

Tune is as Chris shares his story of how he went from a trouble-making teenager who dropped out of college to a 4.0 student, 8 figure entrepreneur, and best-selling author. You’ll be sure to enjoy many simple yet profound takeaways that you can use to achieve high levels of success yourself.

If you’re someone who grew up as nobody “special” but still wants to achieve great things in life, this is the episode for you.


In This Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • How some people make more out of their time than others
  • When Chris realized he “made it” in business
  • The main difference is between arrogance and lots of confidence
  • How to manage both your mental and physical energy
  • Chris’s go-to affirmation
  • How to rewrite your subconscious mind
  • Why there is nothing more important to understand than human psychology
  • How Chris went from college drop out to later graduating head of his class
  • Why lack of self-awareness is the #1 killer of entrepreneurial success 

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