How To Become Unstoppable Through Personal Development with Eddie Mazzu – 040

Why Exactly Is Personal Development So Important?

In this episode, I’m joined by Eddie Mazzu. Eddie started his career as a blue-collar ironworker before he suffered a career-ending injury with no backup plan.

After his injury, he decided to go to college, where he managed to get his associates, bachelors, and masters degrees in under 5 years while also getting married, working side jobs to pay for school, and having 3 kids in a span of 18 months. He now owns a thriving personal injury law practice.

Tune in as we learn how he was able to simultaneously transform both himself and his life against all odds through the discovery of personal development.

This conversation is one that continually gets better and better as it goes, full of specific insights on how you can use personal development to drastically improve ANY area of your life. Eddie’s energy, passion , and story will leave you feeling driven to reach your potential while also having an actionable game plan to do so.

In This Episode:


What You’ll Learn:

  • Exactly how the world would change dramatically if everyone read 10 pages/day
  • How to thrive when people don’t believe in you or doubt you
  • How to reverse engineer and achieve any massive goal
  • The very first step to getting anything you want
  • How to figure out exactly what YOU want out of life
  • The antidote to fear and uncertainty
  • Why every goal you have has to be measurable 
  • Eddie’s favorite personal development books
  • How putting things off until later actually takes more energy
  • And so much more…

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