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Have You Ever Felt Like A Bird Trapped Inside Of A Cage?

A cage that never had a lock on the door, I might add. The bird could fly out at any moment if it knew there was nothing actually restricting it…This analogy can help you better understand what it’s like to be a small minded person. In this episode, I’m joined by Jaime Villalovos, a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business coach who became a 7-figure earner before the age of 30.

Jamie has been able to overcome an upbringing of hardship and poverty with passion and a vision for a better life. She is now helping others to achieve their dream life as well. As a busy “mompreneur” with four young children, Jamie has earned herself a reputation known as “The Balance Queen.”

Jaime’s new book, Happy & Strong, launches May 17, 2022 and will be available wherever books are sold.

This episode was full of practical strategies that you can immediately implement into your life to create more balance, design & live your dream life regardless of your current circumstances, and break free of limiting beliefs.


In This Episode:


What You’ll Learn:

  • Jamie Villalovos teaches you how to keep your vision in front of you no matter how impossible it might seem
  • Why doing things for others provides the ultimate motivation
  • Jamie’s incredible (literal) rags to riches story
  • How to achieve balance no matter how “busy” your life is
  • Why where you live is a huge factor in your success
  • The one quality/skill that most people lack that keeps them from success

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