Leveraging Ego, Grinding Efficiently, And Other Elite Performance Insights: From Navy SEAL To Serial Entrepreneur with Ryan Williams – EP. 028

What Can You Learn From A Navy Seal Turned Serial Entrepreneur? (Hint: A Lot)

This episode with Ryan Williams was one of my favorite conversations of all time. Just constant golden nuggets. It was hard to create a title for the episode as there was just so much we covered.

Tune in to get insights and perspectives on winning, peak performance, and finding what works best for you that I guarantee you’ve never heard before. From becoming a Navy SEAL, to succeeding as an entrepreneur and a spouse, this episode has a little bit of everything.

Ryan is a former Navy SEAL turned entrepreneur. Beyond being an active-duty SEAL and then later a civilian SEAL Instructor, he has built, sold, and currently runs multiple business ventures. Some brands he’s built in the past include Forged Clothing, Disciples of Iron, DemonBells, and Strength Alliance.

His current business Industry Threadworks gives e-com clothing brands everything they need to scale their business – from design and screen printing to order fulfillment and customer service. Notable clients include Gatorz Eyewear, Ed Mylett, and Jocko Podcast.


In This Episode


You Will Learn:

  • How being a SEAL and an entrepreneur is far more similar than you’d think
  • Why he decided to become a Navy Seal (it’s not what you’d think)
  • How powerful things like ego and anger can help you when leveraged correctly
  • The difference between short-term ego and long-term ego
  • Why the ability to quit things makes you more likely to succeed at your biggest goals 
  • How to find that balance when you’re in “grind” mode
  • The real keys to unlocking your highest performance that nobody talks about
  • Why your internal standards are the key to achieving the results you want
  • How to grow as a couple and build a business with your spouse at the same time

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