Real Solutions For Fixing Our Addicted, Band-Aid, Quick-Fix Society with Angie Manson – EP. 023

Want To Know A Better Way Towards Addiction Treatment?

In this episode, I’m joined by Angie Manson, CEO and Co-Founder of Elevate Addiction Services, host of the Elevate Experience podcast, and owner of CrossFit EAS. She was recently awarded with a Conquer Addictions Excellence in Treatment Award: GOLD (Top 5% in US based on outcomes of rehab centers that do outcomes).

She achieves such outstanding results with her clients by taking a very different approach than most in her industry and working to rewrite the rules of success for addiction treatment by eliminating the disease or victim-driven mentality that runs rampant within the industry. Her methods that she has instituted are changing the game and challenging the status quo in a major way.

Her approach is not just for those struggling with addiction, but is universally applicable for anyone trying to change their life for the better.

Tune in as we peel back the curtain on what really drives long-term change and how to combat the false narratives pushed by big pharma, modern medicine, and the quick-fix society that we are a part of today. 


In This Episode


You Will Learn:

  • Angie’s improbable success story 
  • Why the principles that work for addiction recovery work for everyone
  • How Angie successfully treats every client without using any medication
  • Why many traditional treatment methods don’t work long-term 
  • How what works for treating addiction and improving your life is essentially the same
  • How Angie has used CrossFit to skyrocket the success rate of her clients 
  • The most powerful force on earth that dictates how you think, act, and live
  • How Angie and her husband find balance in running their business together
  • How comfort actually leads to more unhappiness than anything else 

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