Step 1 To Creating Your Ultimate Life – How To Figure Out What You Truly Want – 042

What’s Next For Not Most People?

In this episode, I’m mixing it up from the typical guest episodes and coming to you with a quick, no-fluff, practical episode that you can immediately begin using to start creating your ultimate life today.

There are many factors and steps that go into creating your ultimate life, but there’s one fundamental step that most people don’t do – and it’s the one step that creates the foundation for all of the rest.

Tune in to learn how to quickly find out who you are and what you really want out of life, as well as create your roadmap to achieving it.

Also, stay tuned for Step 2 To Creating Your Ultimate Life coming soon.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Brief Not Most People backstory/history
  • Recent milestones 
  • Special thanks/shoutouts to you, the listeners, and others
  • How to get more involved and stay connected with NMP beyond the podcast
  • New ways to support the show if you’d like
  • The vision and future of Not Most People, what’s next (special announcements)

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