The Path Less Traveled. 8+ Years Of Solo World Travel with Kristin Addis – EP. 024

What Can You Learn From Over 8 Years Of Solo World Travel?

In this episode, I’m joined by Kristin Addis, the solo female traveler behind, which now has over 5 million readers/year and is the world’s most widely-read travel blog for women. 

A native Californian and former investment banker, she sold off her old life in 2012 with a one-way ticket to Thailand. Since then, she’s traveled the world for the last 8 years on her own, visiting dozens of countries, every continent outside of Antarctica, all while building her blog and business from the road. She was selected by USA Today as a top vagabonding blogger and has been featured in Business Insider, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and BuzzFeed, among others.

Tune in for a fun and insightful conversation filled with profound life lessons that you can only learn by traveling the world and experiencing other cultures while building an ultra-successful blog and business from scratch.

Disclaimer: You may end up booking multiple travel trips immediately after listening


In This Episode


You Will Learn:

  • What it’s like traveling the world solo as a female
  • Why she left her life as an investment banker in Southern   California to travel the world on her own
  • The biggest travel misconceptions that keep people from seeing the world
  • How she built a blog from scratch that is now the #1 travel blog for women in the world
  • How Americans tend to have a very limited view on travel compared to most other cultures
  • How to find a balance between making money and finding freedom
  • The most powerful life lessons learned from extended world travel
  • How travel is not nearly as most people think it is 
  • How travel as a lifestyle is completely different from travel as a vacation
  • The future of travel in a post-covid world
  • The importance of travel when you’re young and gaining a worldwide perspective 

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